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Generator Maintenance

Your emergency generator!

Your generator needs regular servicing to maintain it for those critical times when there is a power interruption. Our factory-trained service technicians will keep your system in peak condition under a maintenance contract so you don't have to worry about it.

During our regular maintenance calls, we:

  • Inspect and test the batteries
  • Check and top-up the lube oil, if necessary
  • Run the engine to ensure it is in peak condition
  • Inspect all the service parts and maintain a supply of original equipment and factory-authorised service and replacement parts
  • Provide a comprehensive maintenance report with our professional maintenance guidelines

Our service plan can include standby and emergency service, diagnostic service, lube oil and filter change, radiator coolant checkand change, engine oil testing and resistive load bank testing.

We can also provide standby generators for annual Load Bank testing and inspecting.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for details of our standard Annual/bi-annual servicing of your engine using our 56 point checklist and service guidelines; ensuring your equipment is ready should it be needed in an emergency.

Lube Oil Change

Every engine manufacturer recommends a lube oil change every 250/400 running
hours. We dispose of the waste oil at no cost to you, under controlled procedures.

We use only manufacturer-approved lube oil and genuine service parts for all of our servicing needs.

Load bank testing

All engine manufacturers recommend regular testing under load to keep your
engine performing well. We use our own load banks to test your diesel generator
set at its rated load. This removes built-up carbon, prevents build-up of acids in
the lube oil, and build-up of detrimental carbon particles in the exhaust valves
and help maintenance of the piston ring seals. Your engine will run better, more
efficiently, and you are assured you are doing everything necessary to prevent
an inconvenient power outage from becoming a disaster.

All of your generator and critical systems maintenance and repair in one set of hands, one invoice, one payment.

We provide standard and customised service plans to fit your needs and budget that include:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • One time inspection and servicing
  • Generator set servicing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Emergency replacement equipment
  • Emergency and critical service response available
  • Stand-by system support for your annual shut-down exercises
  • Full load functional testing with resistive load banks (to 1000KW) with our own equipment.

Our factory trained service technicians keep your critical systems in operation.
Rental generators from 20KVA to 1000KVA on as little as 4 hours notice

We can provide stand-by system support for your annual Load Bank testing, inspection and shut-down exercises as well as electrical systems maintenance and service by certified professionals.

We are also able to provide Professional Engineer endorsement for our testing services.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Managing the maintenance of your critical infrastructure means knowing how to keep it from breaking down. Regular and critical scheduled maintenance of major components like the engine and alternator will keep the lights on and prevent a problem from becoming an expensive emergency.

Overhauls and rebuilds are much less costly than purchasing new equipment, and by scheduling these services in advance, and propositioning replacement equipment during major work, your installation remains fully ready to prevent a power outage from becoming an emergency.

Our managers and technicians are fully aware of the importance of your equipment and are prepared with training, experience and equipment to assure your stand-by generators are always ready and available.

We maintain a comprehensive stock of service Parts and are therefore able to service generators of nearly any make, model or age.

Why test your generator to full capacity?

Engine manufacturers all recommend running your engine at a partial load on a regular basis to prevent carbon fouling (build-up of carbon on cylinder heads, pistons and valves) and wet stacking (unburned diesel fuel accumulation in
the cylinder) which rob power from your generator and reduce the lifespan of the engine. Running the engine at idle and without a load are the causes of these maintenance faults.

Generator Hire

We can also provide stand-by power system support for your annual building load test, inspection and shut-down exercises, as well as electrical systems maintenance. Rental generators from 20KVA to 1000KVA can be supplied on as little as 4 hours' notice to cover any eventuality.

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