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Hazardous Area Protection

Turner Explosion Protection Systems (Formerly FlameTec Ltd) has been suppliers of explosion protected diesel engines, diesel/electric MHE and components for a wide range of hazardous area applications since the late 1980's.

In the early days we specialised mainly in mining applications, where testing of equipment by independent bodies was mandatory. This gained us hard won insight into the requirements of specialised testing and test set-up, which led naturally to our involvement with offshore oil & gas, petrochemical industry, storage warehousing and military equipment.

We now offer comprehensive conversions for Category 2G & 3G Equipment
with our 2G PAC® & 3G PAC® diesel engine passive protected equipment packages and 3G AIR® and AIR SAFE® active protection systems use with Mobile or Semi-Portable Equipment  and with Vehicles and Battery Powered Forklift Trucks.

Today Turner Explosion Protection Systems offers a Make Safe technological solution for the ever increasing demand for assured certified equipment operating in Potentially Hazardous Areas.

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Don't just assume all is well when it comes to the protection of your vital resources. Utilize the outstanding explosion protection testing capabilities available through Turner Explosion Protection Systems.