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AIR Gas Detection

3G AIR® and AIR SAFE® are active protection infra-red gas detection systems for use with mobile/semi-portable equipment, vehicles and battery powered forklift trucks.
Gas detection by infra-red technology is achieved by the absorption of infra-red radiation at specific wavelengths as it passes through a volume of gas. Levels of gas detected by the infra-red sensor are measured and converted to a 4-20mA signal which is connected to a control panel. The gas is detected in a range between zero and 100% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit - the point when the gas mixture in air becomes explosive).
Infra-red gas detection systems cannot be "poisoned" unlike pellistor based gas detection systems which are subject to catalyst poisoning with substances such as silicone. A poisoned pellistor gas detection system could operate for the rest of a shift without being able to detect gas. Silicones are commonly found in products such as chain lubricant.


For Zone 2 area applications, the 3G AIR® (Advanced infra-Red) Gas Detection System, a Make Safe solution by preventive means, primarily by de-energising critical components or equipment, provides end users with an advanced technological choice over conventional pellistor based equipment resulting in operational reliability and maintenance savings.
The 3G AIR® gas detection is fitted alongside other explosion-protection measures to make the machine compliant to EN1755:2000.
The 3G AIR® system has a real time LEL display on the front of the gas detection head and has alarm levels at 10% LEL (visual), 15% LEL (audible) and 20% LEL (truck de-energised and shut down).
The 3G AIR® gas detection system has been assessed to be compliant with EN61508-1:2001 safety integrity level SIL1.
The system has a ATEX type examination certificate (ITS07ATEX15488X).


For increased safety areas, where users need the added assurance that the area is safe to work, but is not formally classified a hazardous area. 
The AIR SAFE® product also utilises the same proven infra-red technology as the 3G AIR® system.
AIR SAFE® has a real time LEL display on the front of the control unit and has alarm levels at 10% LEL (visual), 15% LEL (audible) and 25% LEL (truck de-energised and shut down).

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