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Increased/Added Safety

An example of a Safe Area definition is as follows: - Generally, areas which are not used for the handling, processing or storage of flammable liquids / gas at temperatures above their flash-point. Explosion / Flame Protected engines / plant / vehicles are not required but some caution should be exercised to ensure:

a) That the maximum temperature of the area (e.g. in summer does not exceed the flash-point of the liquid)
b) That there is no local heating (e.g. steam pipes) which might produce a flammable vapour; that there is little likelihood of a flammable mist or spray occurring;
c) That reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that the engine/plant/vehicle does not come into contact with flammable gas/liquids (e.g. from leaks and splashes).

Basic components range from simple exhaust spark arrestor and automatic combustion air inlet shutdown valve for overspeed protection.

Additional options can include air inlet flame arrestor combined with a shutdown valve and complete with fabricated steel inlet manifold. Manual emergency stop lever for shutdown valve can also be provided.

Typically vehicles / engines that operate in a petrochemical plant but outside the classified hazardous area will be required to have the component mentioned above fitted to them.

Recent innovation has allowed us to offer a gas detection system called AIR SAFE® that can easily be retro fitted to vehicles that can meet the needs of increased safety application.

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Don't just assume all is well when it comes to the protection of your vital resources. Utilize the outstanding explosion protection testing capabilities available through Turner Explosion Protection Systems.