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Turner Explosion Protection Systems design & manufacturer flame / explosion protection components and packages / systems.

Incorporated in our 3G PAC® Engine Packages they feature Exhaust Gas Cooling,
Exhaust Flame Traps (Flame Arrestors) and Ex Rated Electrical Control & Safety Shutoff Systems.  Packages can also incorporate our 3G AIR® (Advanced Infra-Red) self-powered stand-alone fail-safe Gas Detection Systems.
All fully integrated with Diesel & Gas Engine Pump/Compressor Drivers, including Generating Sets, for a range of various makes of engines selected for their suitably and compatibility for Hazardous Area applications.

Turner Explosion Protection Systems 3G PAC® Diesel Engine Packages are all Explosion Tested with verification from reputable third party test house.

The 3G PAC® is available for open self-ventilated or IPX6 enclosure installations primarily to conform to conform to EN1834-1:2000, designation Ex II 3G IIA T3.

We can provide bespoke category 3G loadbank / heater units for low load cycle duties.

Alternative configuration with pressurised enclosure arrangements designed to EN/IEC 60079-2:2007 for Ex II 3G Ex pz IIA T3 designations are also available.

Our 3G PAC® Diesel Engines and Generating Sets are used in Zone 2 potentially flammable and explosive gaseous atmospheres Offshore and Onshore World Wide.

A selection of 2G PAC® engines suitable for Zone 1 areas are also available.


Don't just assume all is well when it comes to the protection of your vital resources. Utilize the outstanding explosion protection testing capabilities available through Turner Explosion Protection Systems.